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Grow your rent roll

Landlords want their properties rented to tenants who pay their rent on time. Some of your tenants have done this 100% of the time - do you know who they are?
With Insights you will.

Benchmark against the industry

How many new properties are other BDMs bringing in each month? What is the average landlord churn for other agencies? What’s an acceptable arrears rate and how does your agency compare?

With Insights you’ll get access to anonymised data providing deep insights into how your agency is performing against the rest of the industry. Are you operating as effectively as you could be?


The average agency in our industry loses 10% of their managed properties each year. 

Decrease Landlord churn

The number one reason? Dissatisfaction. 

The tenants who consistently pay their rent late take up property manager’s time and lose your agency landlords - and they’re not always the ones that you think…

Identify your worst offenders, review their next rent renewal and reach out to at-risk landlords before you lose them.

Get alerts -
never miss a thing

Set trigger points to get alerts on all of your KPIs and then... do what you do best - knowing that you won’t miss a thing.

Why have regular performance meetings if there isn’t any meaningful change in your data?

This way you will be the first to know if anything outside of your ‘usual’ occurs - in arrears, new properties under management or any staff KPIs.

Know how your team
is performing

Each team member will get an individual report based on their KPIs so they can track their performance over time.

This can be shared with the Principal or team leader to give a deeper understanding of where improvements can be made and extra training brought in.

Console and REST Integration

Access to your trust accounting system - updating every 15 seconds. Set up in a matter of minutes.

Industry Benchmarking

Know how you compare to the industry.

Advanced Arrears Metrics

Tenant Honour roll, Career arrears, Management fees, Lost commission, time-based arrears view.

Individual PM reports

Reporting tailored to everyone in your team.

Training Webinars

Get up to speed with the best practice approach so that you can get the most out of insights and grow your rent roll.


Set trigger points and never miss a thing.


We want you to succeed and will go to every effort to make sure you do.

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